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What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic seeks to restore the balance of the body, the spine, and the nervous system through gentle and specific adjustments that promote overall well-being and pain reduction. It aims to address the underlying causes of symptoms to correct the problem and promote optimal quality of life.

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Benefits of chiropractic

Chiropractic is a discipline focused on the balance of the neuromusculoskeletal system. Using gentle techniques and specific adjustments, chiropractic aims to improve the functionality of the body, reduce pain, and promote overall health.

Improved posture and balance
Increased energy and vitality
Reduction of muscle tension, back and neck pain
Improvement of respiratory and digestive function
Stimulation of the immune system
Improved sleep quality and relaxation
Helps in the management of migraines and headaches
Improvement of concentration capacity
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Which area is causing you pain?

These are the reasons why people usually visit our clinic:

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Headaches and migraines

Headaches and migraines are closely related to the cervical spine and head posture. We will show you some testimonials in the videos.


Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is controlled by muscles, and these are in turn controlled by nerves that emerge from the cervical and thoracic spine. Poor posture or a problem in the cervical spine could be affecting your shoulder. The shoulder joint is very complex and must be examined in detail.



All limbs are controlled by nerves that emerge from the spinal column. In addition, an imbalance in the pelvis could affect weight distribution, just as incorrect biomechanics of the femur at the hip joint, tibia, and fibula could.


Ankle and Foot

When we walk, we are often unaware of the complexity of messages that the brain sends to the structures of the ankle. Moreover, the foot has 26 bones and many other structures: a perfect mechanism that needs to be controlled.


Arm, Elbow, and Hands

Pain, tingling, warmth, swelling, weakness... This area is controlled by the brachial plexus that emerges from the spine. It should be examined to ensure there are no interferences. Each structure also needs to be analyzed in detail.


Digestive Problems

The digestive system, like all organs, is connected to the nervous system.


Cervical Spine

Poor posture, accidents, stress, and other factors can affect the cervical spine. Many cases of cervical straightening are seen, which cause problems in this area and the nervous system.


Thoracic Area, Scoliosis, and Scapular Area

Prolonged poor posture and stress can lead to pain in these areas. We will conduct a detailed evaluation of the spinal column.


Lower Back Pain, Sciatica, and Hip

The primary reason for hospital visits worldwide. At the chiropractic center, we evaluate and improve the functioning of the lower back area. Many people suffer from these issues, which limit their quality of life. We have flexion-extension tables designed for cases like herniated discs.


Vertigo or Dizziness

These symptoms can often be linked to issues in the cervical spine or inner ear. At our clinic, we assess and address these underlying causes to alleviate vertigo or dizziness.

4 simple steps

To start taking care of your body.


Make the First Visit

We will listen to your concerns and ask questions to understand in detail what is happening and where the root of the problem lies. Bring any x-rays and/or MRI scans so we can explain them to you. We will conduct the necessary tests to understand what you have, how your health is, your posture, balance, and the state of your spine.


Explanation of findings

On the same day, the chiropractor will inform you of the results of the tests conducted on your spine and health.


Treatment Plan

A treatment plan will be established to address your specific issues. Each person is different and needs to be cared for according to their individual needs.


Start improving your health

The chiropractor will communicate the goals of the treatment. This may include pain reduction, improved mobility, better posture, reduced interference in the nervous system, and overall increased well-being.

Reviews on Google

4,8/5 (60 reviews)

One of the best decisions I've made in coming here. Since I started, I notice much less muscle load and less tension, apart from improving in more areas. The attention also from ten, very good professionals as much as the doctor and the receptionists, they always welcome you with a smile on their face. I wish I had discovered it earlier.

Testimonial Item

Jara Costa

After almost 4 years, they saved my life, pregnant and with very severe sciatica that did not allow me to move. I started in Igualada and moved to Vilanova del Camí, the consultations are big, clean, and their facilities are impeccable. Víctor is a good professional, he is helping me with another ailment I have. Loli, the receptionist, is very friendly.

Testimonial Item

Eva Maria

I went to the chiropractor for really bad sciatica pain, which prevented me from walking, and after a few adjustment sessions, it no longer hurts and I can walk normally again. Highly recommended.

Testimonial Item

Joachim Nicolas

I came to see Víctor Seitz for a small annoyance and I noticed an important change, which I did not imagine. I highly recommend. Very professional and passionate.

Testimonial Item

Enric Hill

I hurt my back and couldn't even walk. I felt a lot of pain. I started with chiropractic sessions and felt a lot of relief. Now I do a session every two weeks and I feel so much better. I have adapted my sports activity to what I can do and I am improving little by little.

Testimonial Item

Ruth Vicens

I have known this center for many years. When I started the treatment I was feeling pretty bad. I currently do maintenance sessions every month and this allows me to move around with almost no pain. I feel more active, with more energy, and more positive. 👍

Testimonial Item

Montse Boluda

100% recommended! Chiropractic has helped me so much! I feel healthier, more alert and with much more energy! Victor has a very clear and professional vision of health. It has convinced me for life!

Testimonial Item

Margot Boyer

I went for lower back and neck pain. Dr. Victor Seitz treated me very professionally and in a few sessions he solved my pain. Highly recommended.

Testimonial Item

Alex Quiroga

I went with the neck without being able to move it and came out like new after the adjustments. Exceptional and very professional treatment. They saved my summer!

Testimonial Item

Info allegra

I had a hiatal hernia, but thanks to chiropractic I am no longer in pain or have to undergo surgery. In addition, I no longer feel the back pain I had and my quality of life has improved significantly. I have more energy and rest better. I recommend it 100%. Thanks to the whole team.

Testimonial Item

David Carrero

I had a lot of lower back pain and sciatica, but since I adjusted I feel much better. Now I have almost no pain. I highly recommend chiropractic. They are a team of 10, I am very happy.

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Pedro Lopez

Patia de molt de dolor lumbar i de genoll. Des de les primeres sessions vaig sentir alleujament i des de la cinquena sessió ja no sento dolor. Estic molt content amb el resultat. El recomano 100%. Gràcies a la quiropràctica tinc una gran qualitat de vida.

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Jose Nebrera

Since I started the chiropractic sessions the headaches I had before, almost weekly, have disappeared. I have regained quality of life!

Testimonial Item

Judit Bartoli

The truth is that I recommend it. Let's just say I'm not new to this; yes, relatively with Victor, who is magnificent and helps me a lot with adjustments to avoid and reduce pain. Thanks.

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Matilde Berenge

Great, my attitude has improved very positively, I feel better doing sport and I don't have so many headaches or back pain at work. I have also improved my attitude in general. I recommend it 100%.

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Gerard Sanchez